American Ranger



Sire: Slick Willie (Milkman x Beefmaster)

Dam: Mossy Oak/Heat Wave

BREED: American Influenced/Club Calf



American Ranger is an incredible American influenced club calf bull that is making a huge impact and needs to be considered in your breeding program.

  • American Ranger is a definitely one of the answers when making mating decisions in the American cross club calf world.  He is a TH and PHA free bull that provides a world of versatility. Even though he’s a bull with a small amount of American in his pedigree he will definitely add a tremendous amount of American breed character to his offspring.
  • American Ranger adds a perfect hip and hind leg into his calves, while maintaining a great look and show ring presence. He consistently adds bone, foot size, body and mass into his offspring.
  • An added bonus is that he has a red gene and typically throws chrome on the majority of his calves. In his first calf crop American Ranger has sired multiple calves over 10k including a 20k high seller at Embry Cattle Co.

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