C Stockman 2059 ET



Sire: NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET 

Dam: C Notice Me ET 

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REG #: 43270627
BREED: Horned Hereford
SEX: Bull 
TATTOO: 2059 ET 



  • C Stockman 2059 ET is designed for today’s cattle programs with moderate birth   without sacraficing muscle, performance and gainability. 
  • His dam, C Notice Me ET, has produced over $1.4 million in actual progeny sales.
  • His full brother, C Miles McKee 2103 ET, sold for a record selling price at $600,000 for 3/4 interest. 
  • Two full sisters averaged $33,000 in our 2012 fall female sale.
  • The 2018 NWSS Grand Champion Bull and Supreme Champion, B&C STOCK OPTION 6026D ET, is sired by Stockman and owned by B&C, Express Ranches and the Stock Option GroupHIs calves have a distinct look of balance and power. 
C Stockman 2059 ET

C Stockman 2059 ET Pasture picture

Flush Brother:
C Miles McKee 2103 ET
Record selling bull at $600,000.

BC Stock Option 6026D ET
C Stockman 2059 ET son B&C Stock Option
Supreme Hereford 2018 National Western