Deadliest Catch


Sire:  Heat Wave

Dam: Outer Limits

DOB: 03/21/2011
BW: 85
BREED: Hereford Club Calf



Deadliest Catch is a great sire option to make Hereford type calves and he is available now at GENESOURCE!

  • Deadliest Catch is built with power from end to end and has flawless bone structure, plenty of body, muscle, and bone.
  • Deadliest Catch combines a great look and has great hair quality.
  • Use Deadliest Catch with confidence to make breed type steers. A lot of his calves are perfect Hereford marked, with width, an abundance of quality, and sound structure.Use to make Hereford marked calves.

Deadliest Catch looks good from any angle