M2 BRC 518/1 “CAPTAIN”



Sire: MR. V8 191/7

Dam: MISS V8 645/6

REG: 1003565
DOB: 3/12/2016
BREED: Brahman
TATTOO: 518/1




M2 BRC 518/1 “CAPTAIN” is an exciting new Brahman sire and he is available at GENESOURCE.


  • M2 BRC 518/1 “CAPTAIN” brings the impact of the V8 191/7 bloodline, and the cow power of one of the greatest cow families in the BRC program.
  • Captain was never shown and was 100% raised and developed on grass.
  • He displays tremendous muscling, length of body, a low/manageable birthweight, and a great disposition with a beautiful dark pigmented color.
  • We are certain great things are to come from this sire.