MR. V8 788/7



Sire: MR. V8 380/6

Dam: MISS V8 729/7

REG: 940182
DOB: 3/16/2015
BREED: Brahman
TATTOO: 788/7




MR. V8 788/7 is a great calving ease Brahman sire choice and he is available at GENESOURCE.


  • MR. V8 788/7 is the go-to choice for calving ease to breed to first calf heifers and all the BRC show heifers!
  • 788 is a bull that just really grows on you the more you study him. He comes to you with a great pedigree that is proven to be successful: 380 x Noble/Elmo.
  • His dam is, in fact, a full sister to Noble.
  • 788 is one of the BRC bulls that really combines everything the commercial cattlemen or beef industry needs. Low birthweight, lots of muscle, depth, easy-fleshing, good structure, and just a good, all around bull.