PVF Surveillance 4129



Sire: B C Lookout 7024

Dam: PVF Ellen 9100

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Reg #: 17954726
DOB: 4/12/2014
BREED: Angus
TATTOO: 4129



PVF Surveillance 4129 is a popular Angus sire with show appeal and calving ease traits and he is available at GENESOURCE.

  • PVF Surveillance 4129 is the premier outcross Angus show sire.
  • Surveillance is a great option to use on daughters of such popular Angus sires like First Class, Style, Lutton, Primo and many others.
  • Alan Miller of PVF Farms says Surveillance is one of the top phenotype bulls ever produced at Prairie View Farms and his list of major show winners continues to grow.
  • Surveillance is also available in high fertility SexedULTRA 4M heifer semen at $75 a straw and Conventional semen is $40

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