PVF The Natural 7042


Sire: PVF Insight 0129

Dam: PVF Blackbird 3127

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REG # 18944886
DOB: 01/31/2017
BREED: Angus
SEX: Bull
BW: 80
TATTOO: 7042



PVF The Natural 7042 is raising some of the most talked about calves and he is available at GENESOURCE.

  • PVF The Natural 7042 is one of the top Insight sons ever produced.
  • The Natural’s dam is a super stout, cool looking Windfall daughter who is producing some of the top show heifers for the Prairie View Angus program.
  • He is pedigree free of First Class and Style which makes him a great option to cross on their popular daughters.

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