Sire: EXIT 174 

Dam: Purebred Charolais Cow

DOB: 09/15/2017
BW: 88
BREED: Charolais Composite



ZKCC Boss Hoss is a very impressive Charolais cross slick shearing sire and he is available at GENESOURCE.

  • ZKCC Boss Hoss an impressive Exit 174 son that is raising some of the most impressive slick shearing prospects we have seen.
  • Boss Hoss has a world of shape, muscle and power all combined with a great look. In addition for a bull with this much power he is super loose structured and impeccably designed.
  • Added bonus is that Boss Hoss is double clean ( TH and PHA free) and his females are just as good as the steers and they go straight the keeping pen.

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